I am delighted to have been nudged in to action by the Angels and will be offering the following sessions this autumn. There is a choice of two classes, one on a Thursday morning and one on a Saturday morning here at The Angel House in Tonbridge. They will run fortnightly from 10am – 12pm. The Saturday class starts on the 17th September and the Thursday class starts on the 22nd September. A full list of the dates is below.

If you wish to join me for 6 weeks on either a Thursday or a Saturday the cost is £75. If you would LOVE to take part yet can't do all the dates, then you can PAYG for £15 per session. And if it suits, you are welcome to mix up Thursdays and Saturdays!!! My only request is that you let me know...

17th September
1st October
15th October
29th October
12th November
26th November

22nd September
6th October
20th October
3rd November
17th November
1st December

Love Light Community Connection

If you have joined me for a meditation class before then you know the potential that can unfold both personally and together through this sharing of beautiful energy and supporting each other. You will also recognise that they are SO much more than meditation.

As much as the focus of each session is meditation there will also be space and time to connect with each other and whatever is arising in each now moment. An opportunity to connect with the Divine within and the Divine without.

We know that the right combination of souls always comes together to create the most deliciously Divine session so you will know if this is for you.

If you would like to book one or more sessions, or if you have any questions, contact me: melody@thisdivinelife.com

All are welcome. Experience is not necessary. We are all here to learn and grow and help each other. I always offer some form of refreshment so if you have any allergies or dietary preferences, please let me know.

Sending LOVE and Light & Angel Blessings. Xxx