The Law of Attraction (LOA) is as much a law of the Universe as Gravity. We are affected by the Law all day, every day and one of the major stumbling blocks to achieving a life of joy is ignorance of how this powerful law works. 

Put quite simply LOA states that ‘like attracts like’. You are a powerful magnet attracting experiences by the vibratory nature of your thoughts and feelings. You get what you think and feel about whether that is consciously or subconsciously. By this, I mean not just your conscious goals and intentions but also the deeply ingrained belief programs that form the foundation of who you really are. 

So if you want to start off with a bang and create the life that you have always dreamt of then the LOA is the way to do it. It basically has 3 stages: 

  1. You ask – You are asking in a multitude of ways just by being alive and active. You ask both consciously with direct focus, setting intentions and goals but also on a subconscious level with your personal vibration. 
  2. It is given – This is the universe’s job and anything that you ask for is given immediately. 
  3. You must allow – This is the hardest part because you must be in a matching vibrational state to the thing that you are requesting. For example, if you are mainly tuned into anger, asking and visualizing for happiness will never net you the ‘thing’ that you want to bring you joy. In this instance, you will be most likely to attract lots of things that make you angry including the fact that the happiness has not turned up yet!

Therefore once we understand these stages we must then pay attention to and focus on our desires as energy always follows attention. Perhaps when you have been pregnant, what is it that you start to see all around you? Babies and other pregnant women! Or if you have been thinking about getting a new type of car, you will see it everywhere. These are the signs that your mind is starting to filter for your desires. Signposts that you are on your way if you like. 

Now let us quickly run through some of the tools that aid in manifestation of those desires. 

Visualisation, affirmations and meditation are three of the most powerful tools as you are giving clear, focused attention to your goal. 

Firstly, affirmations are not airy fairy rote phrases or wishful thinking. An affirmation is a phrase that is powerful, positive and present tense such as’ I am a winner’. The repetition of an affirmation is the propellant that takes you forward on the new journey. It is a powerful way to program the mind or to create a new pathway in the brain. A belief is a thought that you keep thinking and thus to keep thinking the new positive thought ensures that it becomes your new belief, your new truth, which will be reinforced by your reality! Continually visualising your goal, particularly when the mind is clear and focused in Meditation, is the creative energy boost needed for the manifestation. So why doesn’t my manifestation sometimes appear? 

There is a saying that the Universe always answers prayers in one of three ways:‘Yes’, ‘not yet’ or ‘I’ve got something better planned!’ 

It is important to have faith and that includes faith even if - for reasons that we do not immediately understand - our hearts’ desire fails to manifest how and when that we think it should. 

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Theresa Borg BA (hons) DHP DCH GQHR MPLTA