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Kent Connexions magazine has been a leading light across the county for over twenty years for seekers of alternative solutions to physical, spiritual or emotional unease. We hope you find this site enlightening and helpful.


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For mind, body and soul, there are many different Complementary Therapies available covering mental, physical and spiritual well-being. By using this website, you will hopefully be able to find the therapy you are looking for in Kent.


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Our Diary page lists forthcoming courses and events taking place across Kent. Learn a new skill, meet others in a similar situation, or explore the world of Complementary Therapy.


Latest articles

Facial Radiance with the help of essential oils and carrier oils brings deep nourishment to the skin and relaxation to the body. These oils come from natural sources, trees, flowers, fruits and nuts. Natural substances re-enforce the cosmos within, whereas synthetic substances can create chaos.

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Finding a counsellor can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, with so many advertising their wares, all appearing to offer something different. So how do you know how to find a proper counsellor?

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I’m all for people using ‘herbal first aid’ and trying infusions and single tinctures to see if that might help. However, herbal medicine really comes into its own for more complex, long standing and difficult conditions.

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